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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen Episode 3

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Latest Episode Comments
kweh oh I see why shes best girl now
3 days ago
Kazutori THAT ENDING!!!!!
8 days ago
atrophyfx I watched the end credits twice hah
10 days ago
acitretin Sometimes you have to be like Vegeta. He let go of his pride and follows Bulma.
19 days ago
ImDaaBes The credits are priceless...
21 days ago
Stehph There be a lot of GT86s on these streets.
22 days ago
yata yup watch the end credits guys, too cute t miss
22 days ago
LitoraLee the op is nice but the rewind bit goes on for one to many rotations for me
23 days ago
JaceG13 I made sure to watch the end credits cause of the comments... I'm glad I did
23 days ago
Mystogan yeti genius hahahahaha
23 days ago
sytsma87k you know this series has its odd funny moments but its also very suprisingly wholesome
24 days ago
Draconus hahaha the Yeti made my day
24 days ago
mamupanga the end credits made my day
24 days ago
epicredeemer uh, is that what I think it is at 19:03?
24 days ago
MooSaysTh3Cow way better end credits
24 days ago
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Comedy Seinen Psychological Romance
Date aired : Jan 12, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Considered a genius due to having the highest grades in the country, Miyuki Shirogane leads the prestigious Shuchiin Academy's student council as its president, working alongside the beautiful and wealthy vice president Kaguya Shinomiya. The two are often regarded as the perfect couple by students despite them not being in any sort of romantic relationship. However, the truth is that after spending so much time together, the two have developed feelings for one another; unfortunately, neither is willing to confess, as doing so would be a sign of weakness. With their pride as elite students on the line, Miyuki and Kaguya embark on a quest to do whatever is necessary to get a confession out of the other. Through their daily antics, the battle of love begins!